Decolonizing the systems we inhabit, while nurturing a shared vision of collective wellbeing within ecological limits.

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Evidence suggests small to medium-size enterprises in the Global South are prioritizing social and environmental impact over economic growth.

Wind turbines, Lake Turkana, Kenya. By Kariuki Chege via Unsplash

From degrowth and sociocracy to agroecology and healing from the trauma of patriarchy, here are our top five most read articles of last year.

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1. Life in a Degrowth Economy and Why You’ll Love It

2. A Guide to Regenerative Governance

How social enterprises founded on ethical and politicized action benefit communities and fight racism in the capitalist economy.

© Vesta Catering, which operates as part of the nonprofit Warden Woods Community Centre in Toronto, one of the social enterprises profiled by Dr. Caroline Shenaz Hossein in her research.

An ecological economist explains why the hype around green growth is scientifically unfounded.

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The Post Growth Entrepreneurship Incubator helps founders break free from traditional business models and implement sustainable non-extractive practices.

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Exploring a set of policies designed to optimize human and planetary wellbeing.

Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash

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Writing by team-members, guest contributors, and Fellows of the Post Growth Institute (PGI).

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